Evaluating Your Fundraiser Marketing

Evaluating Your Fundraiser Marketing

, by Planet Green, 2 min reading time

Once in a while you have to step back and evaluate the impact your fundraiser marketing is having. Spreading awareness, encouraging participation and gaining support can happen with a solid marketing plan.

Here’s a good way to get it in order:

1. Review your current marketing efforts. Are you sending regular email updates and posting to social media? Consistency is key. Ask friends to share your fundraiser on their social platforms too. This helps to get more people involved and can really spread the word.

2. Determine your fundraising goals. Is this a one time fundraiser or an ongoing effort to raise passive income for your organization? If you are looking to create a ongoing income for your organization, make a page about your fundraiser on your website and send regular emails to encourage people to take part. They may not have empties today, but next month they may. Remind them that they can send them in FREE anytime using your Program ID.

3. Understand your audience. If you regularly communicate with people by email, send them your fundraiser by email. Some people might take a personal phone call and some people might follow your organization on Facebook or Instagram. Determine who you want to reach and how you can best share your fundraiser with them and build a list. Mark down who you want to reach and the best method to do so and take action. A contact list helps keep your outreach organized.

4. Establish your message. When it comes to sharing your fundraiser, it’s always best to be short and direct. Explain right away that you’re raising funds with ink cartridge recycling and that it costs nothing for people to send in their empty inks. Give them your Program ID Number and explain briefly how they can request a free shipping label at www.planetgreenrecycle.com. Always thank people for their participation.

5. Determine the most effective methods of communication. Outside of emails and social media, you can print flyers or small pamphlets and share them through community pinboards, hang them in the lock library or ask your local coffee shop if you can place a flyer in the window. Reach out to your community newspaper and request an article or post to community blogs. People get their information virtually everywhere. Make sure your fundraiser is in the places where they look.

6. Review your response and adjust your outreach to gain more support. Once a month, take a look at your response rate and see if people are responding. Consider outreach methods you haven’t tried and incorporate them into your current efforts. Send out thank you emails or post gratitude on social media. Show photos of the results of your fundraiser and respond to people who comment to continue building a community of support.

We have a page with some materials you can use to encourage support. Visit https://www.planetgreenrecycle.com/pages/resources for downloads you can use to share by email and on social media.


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