Planet Green Recycle In The Community

At Planet Green Recycle, we open our doors to furthering education about recycling, remanufacturing and how each and every person can make a difference in protecting the environment from ink cartridge waste.

Miller Career and Transition Center

The Miller Career and Training Center joined Planet Green CEO Sean Levi and staff for a tour of the facility and to learn how ink cartridge and plastic recycling plays a part in custodial work environments. The Miler Center has made this in-person experience part of their regular instruction program where students:

1. See ink cartridge remanufacturing first-hand.
2. Learn about better recycling choices that benefit the environment and the workplace.
3. Get answers to questions about working in the remanufacturing field as they grow their careers.

After the tour, Miller attendees joined the staff at Planet Green for refreshments and to talk about the benefits of recycling. As part of the visit, Planet Green donated $1000 to Miller for necessary resources at the training center.  

Rio Hondo Academy

Planet Green welcomed a group of students from Rio Hondo Academy to tour our facility and learn about the importance of ink cartridge recycling. As part of Rio Hondo’s annual “Environmental Awareness and Career Day,” the visit included lectures about three important topics:

1. Working in the environmental field and the different types of environmentally oriented career paths.
2. Making positive environmental choices in life and work.
3. Becoming better stewards of the earth.

Before heading home, the day-long event ended on a nice note with delicious pizza and drinks for the students. As part of the visit, Planet Green donated three printers to the school for use by their teachers and in their computer lab.  

Vaughn Charter School

We had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Arlene Tupaz, an Environmental Science teacher at Vaughn Charter School located in San Fernando. She brought with her 9 talented high school seniors and chaperones to experience a visual understanding of the impact ink cartridge recycling can have on the environment.

The students were given an insightful tour of Planet Green’s 30,000 square foot facility with an insider’s look at the day-to-day operations involved in operating a successful “green” business. This is something which Ms. Tupaz and Planet Green would like for all students to utilize as they enter the next step of their academic and professional lives.

UCLA Students and Tomorrow’s Business Leaders

The Ciber Global Green Business Week is a program designed to offer students (who demonstrate future promise in international business) the opportunity to fully engage within the fundamentals and current trends of our global “greening” economy.

Sponsored by the Anderson School of Management’s Center for International Business Education and Research, this program encourages students from around the world to apply. Each applicant undergoes a stringent application process that involved a 300-word essay. The program selects 40 students, each representing countries from around the globe including France, China, Germany, and the U.S.A. Planet Green was given the opportunity to welcome over 40 talented students and chaperons from UCLA’s Ciber Global Green Business program.

As part of the UCLA’s Ciber Global Green Business Week, the senior students toured Planet Green’s 30,000 sq-ft facility and received an insider’s perspective of the day to day operations involved with running a “green” business.

Vaughn Charter School Visits Again

Vaughn Charter School arranged to come back to Planet Green Recycle for another student educational tour. Time they brought even more students!

Vaughn Charter School learned how working with Planet Green Recycle, they can raise money for their programs while preserving the environment by keeping ink cartridges out of landfills.

VCS signed up for their Program ID Number and started a fundraising program that recycles empty ink cartridges, protects the environment and helps fund their school activities.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Hear from some Planet Green Recycle Customers

  • Dessa Kaye: Healthcare For All

    “I encourage people to use Planet Green’s service because I think it’s a great idea. It helps me feel great about what I do.”

  • Harvey J. Butler: Treasurer - The Third Reformed Church

    “Our congregation is happy that the cartridges are not going to the land fill and that we are receiving salvage money. We dedicate this money to our youth ministry program. Keep up the good work!”

  • Nancy Fullerton: Parish Administrator - Trinity Church

    “Your Recycling Fundraiser Program is really great, and we’re doing our best to help the environment, and glad to say it’s been beneficial to the parish as well.”

CSUN Associated Students Tour Our Facility

Over the summer we had the pleasure of providing a tour of Planet Green Recycle's corporate office and warehouse facility to the students and coordinators who work within the Cal State Northridge Associated Students Recycling program.

It all started in 1991 when Associated Students teamed up with CSUN’s recycling program to promote recycling on campus and off campus. It’s always great to meet the people who are participating in our recycling program.

Our Chief Operations Officer, Czarina C. Louie, lead the tour from station to station, explaining all the processes that a box of ink cartridges goes through once it enters our doors. From inspection, to cleaning, to the ink re-manufacturing process and packaging; it’s all about high quality standards and how we can best reuse and recycle items that would otherwise be sent to landfills.

What Our Partners Are Saying

Hear from some Planet Green Recycle Fundraising Partners

  • Dance Arts

    “Thank you so very much for processing my order so expediently. I am very grateful, and excited to receive our items! Thank you also for your professional correspondence. I sincerely appreciate it and look forward to continued purchases and partnership with Planet Green.” ~ Leah Prouty

  • Canoga Park, CA

    “This year we started a new elective called Environmental Studies. Since the Environmental Science books are High School level, I had to develop a curriculum for my 8th grade students and therefore, I needed resources and incentives. When I attended a Generation Earth workshop in the summertime, I learned about Planet Green. I contacted you and learned about your recycling program, which became a great incentive for my students. It is a great pleasure to work with you and we intend to continue our commitment. The money that we raise from the ink cartridges recycling will be used to buy science kits for experiments that help students learn more about pollution and other environmental issues such as global warming. I would like to thank you for donating the two printers. We will use them to print out the research papers that the students do on environmental issues.” ~ Marie K.

  • Tassajara Hills Elementary School

    “At Tassajara Hills Elementary School we have an ongoing recycling contest. We break up the contest in two segments: September through December and January through May. The teachers drop off ink cartridges that have been donated by students and their families in a designated area. We then log in how many items were donated by the class. At the end of the contest, we reward the top donating class with a computer program. The money we have raised from recycling has gone towards helping to fund our technology program. We enjoy working with Planet Green because they are very responsive, have a quick turnaround, provide shipping labels and boxes, have good prices, and are great to work with.” ~ Johnny English

  • Administrative Director Family Services Incorporated

    “I have found the customer service department very helpful whenever I’ve had to call, which is rare. Collecting and mailing the cartridges is extremely easy and is not cost whatsoever. We are happy that we receive money for recycling and also help the environment.” ~ Judy Blair

  • Sonoma Charter School

    “My experience with the inkjet cartridges I’ve purchased through Planet Green Recycle is simply a win/ win situation. Not only am I doing something good for the environment, I’m saving money and supporting a business that cares about schools.” ~ Amy A. Alper

  • St. Elementary School

    “We cannot thank you enough for this wonderful donation. We look forward to a long relationship with your company.” ~ Sue K.Hart

  • The Allied Cultures Against Discrimination

    “Planet Green has been instrumental in our core fundraising efforts. We have been utilizing their fundraiser since 2007 and are very happy with both the turnaround time and the funds they’ve provided to support our various programs. We look forward to a long partnership with Planet Green as our organization grows to new heights. Thank you for all that you do.” ~ Eliza S.

  • Recycling Volunteer

    “Our elementary school has been so pleased to work with Planet Green the last couple of years. The process is very simple (you don’t even have to log in the cartridges you send), payment is super fast, and the prices are great! In this tough environment where our district is cutting millions from its budget, every dollar we make through Planet Green is put to good use.” ~ Cindy Sherwood

  • Smile on Seniors Northridge

    “For over three years our nonprofit organization, Smile on Seniors of Northridge has successfully partnered with Planet Green through their recycling program and by offering discounted printer cartridges. They have high quality re manufactured printer cartridges and superior customer service. I highly recommend Planet Green as the best choice for products, customer service and cartridge recycling to anyone who believes in going green.” ~ Kenneth Spector

  • Kids Against Pollution, Poverty and Prejudice. Poland Central School

    “We have been with Planet Green for a number of years (at least 5) and because of our efforts we have awarded $400 in scholarships each year to a senior going on to college majoring in environmental science! Our school is poor and rural with only about 850 students so this is a big deal!” ~ Carol F.

  • North Valley Charter Academy

    “Your program is just what we needed. Just about everybody has computers and printers. Your program has taught us to recycle the used cartridges. What a great program! Not only are we working to help clean up the environment your rewards program was wonderful.” ~ Fran Lippert

  • Principal Calabash Street Elementary School

    “We have been with Planet Green for a number of years (at least 5) and because of our efforts we have awarded $400 in scholarships each year to a senior going on to college majoring in environmental science! Our school is poor and rural with only about 850 students so this is a big deal!” ~ Susan P.


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