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We’re excited to have you as an active partner in making a better planet for all of us whether you’re raising funds for an organization, charity or collecting cartridges to recycle on your own.

Let’s get started now with some helpful resources that will inform and help you to mobilize your friends and followers in making a difference with the Planet Green Recycling Program.


Why Planet Green?

Download Why Planet Green Brochure


Why Planet Green?

You can make and save money two ways with Planet Green.

• Through the Planet Green Recycle fundraising program schools, nonprofits, sports clubs, and organizations can raise needed funds by having their supporters recycle their used cartridges with Planet Green, and we’ll send you funds based on what you collect.

• Planet Green remanufactures these cartridges to be re-used again at a much low cost to the consumer and to the environment. By buying remanufactured ink cartridges, you are extending the life of the original cartridge and helping to reduce carbon output. Planet Green remanufactures all its ink cartridges using used original manufacturer’s cartridge. Learn about Planet Green, and share this with your friends so they see how great this is too! Download Brochure

Building Success

Download 5 Tips for Success Brochure


5 Tips for Success

• The key to success is outreach, and consistent contact. This brochure gives you guidance and tips to get started with the Planet Green Recycling Fundraiser. Print and keep this for tips and inspiration! Download the brochure here.

Right click, Save, & Post Images for Social Media and Your Web Pages.

Reaching out to your friends about what we’re doing together is the best way to go. Here are some assets to get you started. These can be used for your social media image profiles and posts. Need something more? Send us an Email

Right click, save, & add banners for your website.

We've got some premade banners that you can use on your website to help your friends easily get their free shipping labels. Be sure to link to:

Need help or a different size? Send us an Email

Copy, Paste and Post!

Sometimes it’s hard to write what to say, and consistent messaging to your friends is important to your fundraiser. Copy and paste these ideas for your first posts. Be sure to replace the blanks with your unique program ID number.

 1. Big news! We’ve partnered with Planet Green Recycling to fundraise. It’s so easy to help us by cleaning out your junk drawers of all your inkjet cartridges and shipping them in for free, so we get a check. Use Program ID ____ and get your free shipping label here:

2. We need your empty inkjet cartridges to raise money for our cause! Collect 4 or more, and ship them for free with Program ID____. We’ll love you for it! Get your free shipping label here:

3. Have you collected empty inkjet cartridges for us? Don’t forget to send them in with our ID number ____ as soon as you can. Any box is fine! Get your label here:


 Flyer TemplatePlanet Green Flyer

Download Word file
Download PDF

Press Release Template

Planet Green Press Release

Download Word file

Download Word file
Download PDF


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Need help? We’re here for you.
Need guidance or help with getting your program off the ground? We’re here to help. We’ve got resources for you and staff that will help to guide you in your success. You can Send us an Email or call us at: (800) 377-1093. Follow us on social media for updates, tips for fundraising and more.