HP’s Firmware Updates and the Solution to Keep Printing

HP’s Firmware Updates and the Solution to Keep Printing

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What started in 2016 as firmware updates to prevent the use of third-party ink cartridges in some of their inkjet printers, HP is in the news again with more firmware updates and more restricted use of import clone-cartridges. What consumers are overlooking is that there is a simple and extremely cost effective solution to keep your HP printer, to save money and to benefit the environment at the same time.

Consumer backlash makes for great news, so it’s likely you’ve read articles about HP’s decision to block clone-cartridge use in their printers. While it is factual that many third-party cartridges have the potential to damage your printer, to leak and to cause issues that will fall outside of the manufacturer warranty, people grapple with cost to purchase OEM cartridges when third-party cartridges are less expensive. After all, you paid for the printer, you should be able to use it any way you want, right?

One Reddit user posted this statement, “Before installing the latest firmware update it would show a ‘can't guarantee quality’ message if unofficial ink cartridges were detected. However, after the update was installed the printer simply refused to print because the ink cartridges "contain a non-HP chip."

Well, the right to use it any way you want does exist. You can use the printer as a door stop if you want to, however, the right for HP to design it and maintain it is also something that you have to accept. It makes sense. Using a printer cartridge with a non-HP chip means the functions designed into the printer can’t be guaranteed. Maintaining a page count for accurate ink-level monitoring. Precision printing and color distribution. Guaranteeing repair when their own product causes an issue. These are a few of things that HP can and will guarantee when the cartridge being used is made by HP and not made by a third-party manufacturer in China; but there is something else they can guarantee.

When you purchase from HP, they offer a take-back program that allows you to send back the OEM cartridge for recycling after it is emptied. Most often, this can lead to discount coupons or rewards for brand loyalty. What it really means, and this is where you should be paying attention, is that you’re supporting a circular economy by recycling and purchasing from a vendor that can guarantee quality, will stand behind their product and will be accountable for the plastic waste of the cartridge after it’s use is expired.

But the cost! Consumers want to save money.

So this is the solution to both the HP firmware update and the consumer demand for a high-quality ink cartridge that is guaranteed to work in their HP printer and that costs less.

Buy US Remanufactured OEM Ink Cartridges from Planet Green Recycle.

US Remanufactured Ink Cartridges, primarily those available at www.PlanetGreenRecycle.com, include remanufactured OEM cartridges by all of the major brands, including HP. This means, an actual HP cartridge that has been cleaned and made new, refilled and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee - and is made available at up to 70% less than the cost of buying a new cartridge from HP.

Because it is the original HP cartridge with the original HP chip, it isn’t subject to the blocking by firmware updates. It is guaranteed to work because it is an actual HP cartridge. Only US Remanufactured Ink Cartridges from Planet Green Recycle can guarantee this, and they do it every day.

In addition to the consumer savings, every remanufactured ink cartridge spares the waste of plastics that would otherwise go into a landfill. Did you know that even when you throw your empty ink cartridges into the blue recycling bin, they end up in landfills? Ink cartridge recycling is a very specific process and to ensure that a cartridge is properly recycled, it must be sent to someone who can properly recycle it. That someone is Planet Green Recycle.

It costs nothing to send in your empty ink cartridges. Gather four or more cartridges and seal them into any box you’ve got. Request a free shipping label at www.planetgreenrecycle.com and drop the box into the US mail at home or at work. It’s that easy. You’ll also get a discount on top of the savings you get by purchasing remanufactured OEM ink cartridges from Planet Green Recycle. You’ve helped the environment, you’ve saved money and you’re guaranteed that the firmware updates from HP won’t stop you from printing. It’s a win, win, win.

Remember, buying third-party cartridges from Amazon that say “compatible” does not mean you are buying an actual HP cartridge. Single-use clone cartridges made in China and sold through online websites like Amazon and eBay might say remanufactured on the packaging, but they aren’t remanufactured OEM ink cartridges from HP. Don’t be deceived by low prices and empty promises. HP is telling you up front, they won’t work in your printer.

The solution is to use US Remanufactured HP Ink Cartridges from Planet Green Recycle. Visit https://planetgreenrecycle.com today.


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