Improve Your Recycling Program Participation

Improve Your Recycling Program Participation

, by Planet Green, 3 min reading time

People receive information all day and every day through email. While what you send may be of interest, the high count of emails people receive can become white noise and even an email of interest can get put on the back burner.

How you send your email to people in your network can greatly increase participation. Here are some ideas to help.

1. Be direct right out of the gate.

Your fundraising campaign will get the best results when you get straight to the point.

We are raising funds for our organization by recycling the ink cartridges you might otherwise throw away. We’re asking you to visit to print a free shipping label by using our Program ID Number (#####). Put your cartridges in any box you have and send them in. This will support our fundraising efforts and will help to keep plastic waste from going into landfills. Every time you have empty ink cartridges, you can do this and it will help keep our program funded.

After you’ve laid it out, you can add other information about your fundraiser, but it’s best to be direct about what you want.

2. Ask your associates to spread the word.

Ask your network to share this information on their social media platforms and with their associates. At Planet Green Recycle, we have a page of marketing materials that you can use in emails and on social media. Don’t go it alone; ask your network to spread the word and always tell them to use your Program ID Number so you’ll be credited with ink cartridge submissions.

3. Be openly grateful.

Show appreciation for the people who have responded by sending in their empty ink cartridges. Email them with thanks, but go one step further and share your gratitude on your social media pages. Show your other associates what someone else has done and it will help urge them to take part too.

4. Repeat the process.

No campaign has ever been as successful on a single go-round as one that is consistent and ongoing. Your network associates might not have empty ink cartridges today. By the time they do, they may have forgotten about your fundraiser. Send a monthly reminder to your network that they can participate in your fundraising with their empty ink cartridges. It’s free for them to ship to Planet Green Recycle from their home or office. Remind them that it benefits your fundraiser and be consistent. If they don’t send any in today, there’s a good chance they will next month.

5. Get a really great response.

We’ve seen an amazing response come from Enviropartners who share the check they receive online. When people see the fruits of their labor, they are usually inspired to keep going. Make a social media post or an email with a photo of yourself and the results of your network’s participation. People like to see success, go ahead and show it to them.

Communication is always key to increasing participation with your fundraiser. Keep people in the know and show them your success along the way. Use email and social media regularly to keep people aware of your program and always remember to share your Program ID Number to receive credit for cartridges sent in on your behalf.

Keep an eye out for more emails in the future to inspire your fundraising efforts and visit for images and email templates to help you keep spreading the word.


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