Increase Participation For Ongoing Fundraisers

Ongoing fundraisers are a great way to keep funds coming in for your organization all year. Here are a few ways to encourage participants to make the recycling of their ink cartridges a regular practice for your program.

It’s likely that on your first round of outreach you received a great response. Your network of friends wants to help and many people have empty cartridges laying around and they’re happy to recycle them on your behalf. However, maintaining that participation from your associates can take a little work; after all, out of sight - out of mind. It’s important to maintain communication to keep people involved.

The first and most simple way to increase your networks participation is to simply remind them that your program is ongoing. Every time they have empties, your goal is to have them repeat the process; print a free label, use your Program ID and send them in.

In order for your emails to avoid becoming white noise that is easy to ignore, inject some positive involvement into those emails. Reach them on a personal level, but with a group mentality. Tell the recipients what they did as a group. Let them know that together, we were able to raise XX amount of dollars in just three months and this helped fund a particular part of the program we truly needed. Remind them that you’re still going strong and that their continued efforts are a big help.

Involve them in more than just sending in their empty cartridges, let them know how their simple action made a difference in the lives of someone else. Thank them by name and remind them that every time they have empties, you’re still in need of them and to send them in. Also, tell them how they helped to keep plastic waste out of landfills for future generations. Every ink cartridge sent in is so much more than just an effort to raise funds - it’s betterment of the planet we live on and we’re all in this together.

When participants can see the positive effect their actions produce, they are likely to want to continue to participate, and that’s great for your ongoing fundraising efforts.

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