Lawsuit Targets Environmental Crisis Caused by False Advertising of Recycled Printer Cartridges

Lawsuit Targets Environmental Crisis Caused by False Advertising of Recycled Printer Cartridges

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Chatsworth, California, 9-11-2023 – Planet Green Cartridges, Inc., a U.S. printer cartridge recycler and remanufacture, has taken a decisive step by filing a $500 million lawsuit against e-commerce giant Amazon. The core of this legal action revolves around Amazon's alleged involvement in false advertising and unfair competition through the sale of newly manufactured non-OEM clone printer ink cartridges that are deceptively marketed as "remanufactured" and falsely presented as eco-friendly recycled products.

Read: Planet Green v. Amazon, Case Number 2:23-cv-06647

Planet Green has meticulously documented the proliferation of non-OEM clone printer cartridges falsely advertised as remanufactured, flooding the market through Amazon's extensive platforms, including both and Amazon Warehouse. These cartridges, often newly manufactured in China, carry misleading labels and recycling symbols, making false environmental claims that directly contradict Amazon's publicized environmental mission and flout federal and state laws.

Despite repeated appeals from Planet Green to rectify the issue, Amazon persists in selling, distributing, and supporting the sale of these illicit cartridges, which systematically target and mislead millions of Amazon customers through deceptive advertising practices.

A significant concern lies in the absence of return recycling programs for imported clone printer cartridges, leaving consumers with limited choices for managing plastic waste. Energy Central reports a staggering annual disposal of over 375 million printer cartridges in U.S. landfills. Moreover, the production of new clone cartridges depletes natural resources and escalates greenhouse gas emissions, further deteriorating the environment.

The U.S. printer cartridge remanufacturing industry emerged in the 1980s as an innovative solution to address printer cartridge waste. In its prime, this sector significantly contributed to the U.S. economy, supporting numerous businesses and jobs within a circular economy valued in the billions. However, the industry now faces an existential threat, primarily attributed to the influx of imported single-use clone printer cartridges that are widely available on Amazon's platforms.

Planet Green CEO, Sean Levi, observes, "Given Amazon's professed sustainability mission and Jeff Bezos' Earth Fund, one would expect Amazon to actively contribute to the solution, rather than perpetuate a substantial environmental challenge. I call on Jeff Bezos to lead the way and help resurrect the printer cartridge remanufacturing industry, the only solution for reducing printer cartridge plastic waste that is devastating our environment."

This lawsuit has been officially filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, representing a crucial component of Planet Green's broader initiatives to combat plastic waste, protect the environment, and reinvigorate a circular economy. To learn more about this cause and join efforts, visit Accountability Together We Can Make a Difference.


About Planet Green:

Founded in 1999, Planet Green, situated in Chatsworth, California, stands as one of the last remaining printer cartridge recyclers and remanufacturers in the U.S. The company is dedicated to diverting used printer cartridges from landfills and remanufacturing them for resale as an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative. To discover more, please visit

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