November 15th is America Recycles Day

On November 15th, all of America and the Environmental Protection Agency celebrate America Recycles Day! Some people call it National Recycle Day, but either way - we are recycling! The E.P.A. shares in a study that since the 1960’s, national recycling has improved from a measly 7 percent to a current recycling rate of 32 percent! This is good but we can still do better!

Part of the process of recycling is to know that just because it goes into the blue recycle bin doesn’t mean it’s being recycled. Items like plastic bags, electronics and yes - ink cartridges - do not actually get recycled just because they are in that bin. Ultimately, as waste gets processed, those items typically get dumped into landfills where they break down and release toxins into the earth and groundwater for thousands of years. Together, we can make this stop!

Proper recycling reduces the amount of waste that heads for landfills and by working hand in hand with remanufacturing, properly recycled items can find a new use. This works to boost the labor force, reduces consumer price increases and spares the drain on natural resources used in manufacturing. What it takes is really just a few minutes of your day.

Start by doing a simple Internet search to learn what does and what doesn’t go into the recycling bin on the side of your house. For instance, pizza boxes are thoroughly recyclable, but pizza isn’t. Throw the left overs into the trash bin and the box into the recycle bin. Keeping the 2 bins close to one another helps make this easy. Glass, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes - they all go into the recycle bin but not those thin plastic grocery bags. In fact, those bags can be recycled separately, if not reused. Look it up online and learn where your community suggests they go.

On the subject of electronics; don’t go tossing them into any of the bins at your home or office. There are a host of parts, batteries, heavy metals and toxins that comprise those items and they should never be tossed. Old VCR’s, computer screens, that old Atari gaming system that’s been in the attic for decades - no, no, no! There are recycling centers in virtually every city across the country that will take those items and properly recycle them. It just takes a minute of your time to find out where.

So at the home and office, it’s incredibly common to go through ink cartridges like movie theaters go through popcorn. You print and print, then pop out the cartridges and replace them. Don’t throw them away! They are really bad for the environment and they are really easy to properly recycle for free with a U.S. Remanufacturer. We’ll introduce you to Planet Green Recycle's Remanufactured Ink Cartridge's in a moment.

Recycling and Remanufacturing creates jobs here in the U.S. and it saves natural resources globally. The E.P.A. states that in the U.S. alone, just a single year of proper recycling creates 681,000 jobs generating $37.8 Billion in wages and $5.5 Billion in tax revenues. They share that every 1000 tons of recycled waste equates to 1.17 jobs. A total win, win, win for our economy and the earth!

While we do urge everyone to make recycling all recyclables in your home and office part of your daily regiment, we’re going to focus on the recycling and remanufacturing of ink cartridges. 

Planet Green Recycle is the leader in the global initiative to keep ink cartridges out of landfills. As a U.S. Remanufacturer of ink cartridges, Planet Green Recycle takes in millions of empty and expired cartridges annually and remanufactures them to O.E.M. specifications for reuse. As part of their program to reclaim empties, Planet Green Recycle offers a fundraising campaign that allows organizations, schools, sports teams and charities to cash in on their empty cartridges. It’s simply exchanging ink cartridge trash for cash and monthly, the company distributes checks to participants who send in cartridges. By simply visiting the website, anyone can click to print a free shipping label and send in their empties. Organizations who sign up are given a Unique Program ID number and anyone who sends their cartridges using that Program ID guarantees that funds will be credited to that specific organization.

Even without a fundraising campaign, Planet Green offers the same free print and ship option, taking in empties and remanufacturing them as a lower cost option for consumers. Anyone can visit Planet Green Recycle's Shop Page to purchase ink cartridges that are guaranteed with 100% satisfaction. You don’t need to purchase high priced O.E.M. cartridges at office warehouse stores when U.S. Remanufactured Cartridges use the same original manufactured parts and spare the environmental cost of using natural resources to create new cartridges. Recycling and buying recycled products is a benefit to the U.S. economy and to all people on the planet.

As National Recycle Day passes in a single day, just like Christmas or Valentines Day - we urge you to keep the spirit of the holiday all year long. When you see a recyclable product, take action! Recycle it properly! Share this article with your social media platforms and insist that everyone take the same initiative to drive that 37% participation rate closer to 100%. National Recycling Day is a day to remind us all that if we just take a moment out of our day, we can all do our part to protect the planet and make a healthier environment for generations to come.