Planet Green Recycle hosts LAUSD Miller Career Institute and Training Center for an Educational Recycling Tour

Miller CTC Tours


Miller Career and Training Center (CTC) provides a Building Services program designed for adults with moderate to severe special needs to gain hands on work experience at real job sites. As part of the training program, Miller CTC has implemented printer cartridge recycling at each of their job sites; a campaign designed to recycle and to purchase recycled products, titled “Close the Loop.”

Miller CTC students toured the Planet Green Recycle facilities in Chatsworth, CA to learn more about the importance of recycling printer cartridges they collect and to get a first-hand understanding of how the cartridges are remanufactured for reuse.

Miller CTC instructor Maria Socorro Nunag shares, “We are excited to partner with Planet Green. As we teach our students both on-the-job and life skills, this includes reducing waste through recycling. For the students, this has given them an opportunity to see how a used cartridge is remanufactured into a new product; essentially closing the loop and reducing waste.”


The Miller CTC tour took place as part of the Plant Green Recycle fundraising program. Where schools, non-profit organizations, religious groups, sports teams, and other organizations raise funds through ink cartridge recycling, touring the facility is offered as part of the educational facets that highlight the program and the importance of printer cartridge recycling.

Planet Green Recycle is designed so that organizations can reach beyond a single collection point for ink cartridge recycling. Most homes and businesses have a printer, supporters anywhere can recycle their used ink cartridges by using the program’s free mail-in recycling service. Cartridges mailed in are tracked and credited to their organization through a unique I.D. code. This expands the fundraising potential beyond the local level.  

In addition to helping raise funds, Planet Green Recycle offers schools and organizations a free and easy way to recycle and to buy recycled cartridges as a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and economically conscious alternative to purchasing more expensive name brand cartridges.

Visit to learn more and to start your fundraising campaign today.