Recovering the Process of Recycling

In a recent article from News Radio 1690am-KYW in Philadelphia, they shared information about the city recovering from the lack of plastic recycling during the pandemic. In a combination of worker shortage a reduced resources, the nation itself also found an overabundant supply of recyclable plastics as China closed its former open-door policy for receiving recyclable plastic from the united States, and other ports. In essence, recyclable plastic simply started to pile up.

On the surface, it might look like a regional problem, but this is nation-wide. Ink cartridges alone add a staggering volume of waste to landfills across the United States with more than 375 million ink cartridges going straight into the ground each year. There are a number of reasons why this happens - but the general public can make an immediate difference.

Ink cartridge recycling has a huge impact on what goes into landfills. Cross-contamination becomes a big problem when ink leaks from cartridges in the recycle bin onto other items. Those items are rendered as trash and aren’t suitable for the recycling process because of the ink contamination. Those other plastics, bottles and paper materials get buried in landfills too because of cross contamination. This is why ink cartridges do not go into the recycling bin.


Consumers are faced with a decision when they replace empty ink cartridges and while it seems easier to simply discard them; proper ink cartridge recycling is both free and easy and it reduces the threat to the environment. Planet Green Recycle offers a free program to send in ink cartridges for recycling and remanufacturing.
This means diverting millions of printer cartridges away from landfills and extending their lifecycle, and reducing the need to manufacture new cartridges which use up natural resources and emit greenhouse gases into our environment. It’s recycling done right.

To recycle empty ink cartridges at absolutely no expense, consumers simply visit and request a free shipping label to send their empty ink cartridges in for proper recycling. Put four or more ink cartridges into any box and drop them into the mail from the home or office.

Closing the loop, a term that reflects the entire process of recycling and reuse, consumers can make another big difference in reducing plastic waste. By purchasing and using remanufactured ink cartridges. These are the very cartridges made from the ones that have been properly recycled.


Ink cartridge remanufacturing takes empty ink cartridges and literally makes them new. This means creating a fully functional and guaranteed ink cartridge that doesn’t burn through natural resources to create and keeps plastic waste out of the environment. What’s better, it allows these cartridges to be sold for prices at half the cost of buying a newly made ink cartridge. Planet Green Recycle provides remanufactured ink cartridges for all major brands.

While the nation works to improve the effects of the plastic recycling crisis and to better the way we handle proper plastic recycling, consumers can make a difference. By adopting the simple practice of proper ink cartridge recycling and buying U.S. remanufactured ink cartridges at Planet Green Recycle, we can work together for a cleaner environment today.