Recycling is Real' Campaign Sheds Light on Plastic Recycling Truth

Recycling is Real' Campaign Sheds Light on Plastic Recycling Truth

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Environmental concerns are newsworthy topic around the globe. With a new video released, the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) has embarked on a crucial mission to reveal the true state of plastic recycling in the United States. With the launch of their advocacy campaign, "Recycling is Real," PLASTICS is on a mission to champion and defend the plastic recycling industry, underscoring that it is far from being a myth but rather an indispensable element of a sustainable and circular economy.

At the core of this campaign is a video that casts a spotlight on the remarkable strides being made at Amcor's facility in Wytheville, Virginia. Amcor's commitment revolves around ensuring that bottles crafted from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) are not only 100% recyclable but can also be produced using up to 100% recycled content. This groundbreaking initiative exemplifies the unwavering dedication of industry leaders to mitigate environmental impact while enhancing resource efficiency.

Matt Seaholm, the President and CEO of PLASTICS, emphatically asserts, "Plastic recycling is very real, and it occurs every single day in Virginia and across the entire nation. The 'Recycling is Real' campaign will persist in demonstrating to both the public and policymakers that recycling is indisputable, representing a viable and cost-effective pathway to attain a more circular economy." Seaholm's statement underscores the need to acknowledge that recycling is not merely a buzzword but a concrete and practical solution to address the issue of plastic waste.

Going beyond the celebration of Amcor's accomplishments, the "Recycling is Real" campaign serves a more expansive purpose. Its aim is to furnish content and information that equips elected officials and policymakers with an in-depth comprehension of the pivotal role that recycling plays within the sustainability and circularity ecosystem. Armed with accurate information, these decision-makers can make more fruitful choices regarding resource allocation, propelling environmentally responsible policies forward.

A fundamental goal of this campaign is to dispel the false narratives asserting that recycling is a mere fantasy or a futile endeavor. Recycling has, regrettably, faced unwarranted criticism from those advocating for a complete reduction or even the abolition of plastic production. "Recycling is Real" is positioned to counter these misleading narratives by vividly showcasing how recycling operates, where it happens, and the dedicated individuals behind its success.

You can see the video here:


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