Share Your Fundraiser On LinkedIn For More Reach

Did you know that LinkedIn is a key network where business professionals receive business information. You can share your fundraiser on LinkedIn the same way you share on Facebook and Instagram with the added benefit that many decision makers in business peruse LinkedIn daily and they can read about your fundraising information.

Reach Business Leaders Through LinkedIn

Share your Fundraiser in as brief a statement as you can and use your hashtags and Program ID number, the same way you do on other social media sights with images and a brief explanation of how they can help. You can even add a custom button, or links to other places where your fundraiser is posted, like your Facebook Event page.

Remember, LinkedIn is a place where you want to foster relationships, not just blast out random information. If you know another business that is aligned with your values and would make a great partnership with your fundraising efforts, you’ll have a good chance of speaking with that organization’s leaders directly through their in-mail platform. Send a request and state your reason for contact briefly, professionally and with inflection to your cause. Everyone has empty cartridges, you’re helping them properly recycle them and they, in turn, are helping you raise funds.

Your collective network of associates uses multiple platforms throughout the day. Take advantage of those networks to connect and communicate as you create your outreach for your fundraiser.

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