Tips for Sustainable Printing Habits

Tips for Sustainable Printing Habits

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While choosing sustainable printing options like remanufactured ink cartridges is a significant step, college students can further reduce their environmental impact by adopting eco-friendly printing habits.

Here are some practical tips to help students print responsibly and minimize waste:

  • Print Only When Necessary:
    Before hitting the print button, consider whether a physical copy is truly essential. Whenever possible, opt for digital formats for reading, note-taking, and sharing documents. Reserve printing for instances where a hard copy is required.

  • Use Duplex (Double-Sided) Printing:
    Make it a habit to print documents, assignments, and lecture notes on both sides of the paper. Duplex printing significantly reduces paper consumption, saving trees and cutting down on paper waste.
  • Choose Recycled and Eco-Friendly Paper:
    When printing is unavoidable, select paper made from recycled content or sourced from sustainable forests. Look for eco-friendly certifications such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to ensure your paper choice supports responsible forest management.
  • Adjust Print Settings:
    Adjust printer settings to optimize ink or toner usage. Lowering print quality for drafts and internal documents can save ink without compromising readability. Preview documents before printing to avoid unnecessary pages.

  • Share and Collaborate Digitally:
    Embrace online collaboration tools and document-sharing platforms to work on projects collectively. This reduces the need for multiple hard copies and encourages efficient teamwork.
  • Recycle Empty Cartridges Responsibly:
    If you're using standard OEM cartridges, recycle them responsibly by taking advantage of cartridge recycling with Planet Green Recycle. Schools can also take part in a fundraising program that helps provide money needed to fund school initiatives. Learn more at

  • Reduce Font and Image Sizes:
    Using smaller font sizes and compressing images can save ink or toner consumption. Be mindful of font and image choices, especially for non-essential documents.
  • Print in Grayscale:
    When color is unnecessary, print in grayscale to conserve color ink. This is particularly useful for documents like lecture notes or draft copies.
  • Update and Maintain Printers:
    Regularly update printer drivers and firmware to ensure optimal efficiency. Proper maintenance, such as cleaning print heads and aligning cartridges, can prolong the life of the printer and improve print quality.
  • Spread Awareness:
    Encourage fellow students and friends to adopt sustainable printing practices. Raising awareness about the environmental impact of printing can lead to a collective effort towards more responsible printing habits.
  • Invest in Verified US Remanufactured Ink Cartridges
    Choosing remanufactured OEM products allows students to actively participate in the circular economy, extending product lifecycles and minimizing single-use plastic. These choices pave the way for a more sustainable printing culture, promoting resource conservation and environmental responsibility while greatly reducing a student’s print budget.

By incorporating these sustainable printing habits into their daily routine, college students can make a significant positive impact on the environment while still meeting their academic needs.


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