Why You Should Recycle Ink Cartridges


You Can Help Protect The Planet

Approximately 1.3 billion inkjet cartridges are used around the world annually and less than 30 percent are currently being recycled.

This is bad news for the environment as some of the components of ink cartridges take between 500 and 1,000 years to decompose. Even worse is the fact that many of the compounds used in ink and laser toner are toxic to wildlife and plants when they leach into the soil and ground water.

You Can Make and Save Money, Too

Through the Planet Green Recycle fundraising program schools, nonprofits, sports clubs, and organization can raise needed funds by having their supporters recycle their used cartridges with Planet Green.

Planet Green remanufactures these cartridges to be re-used again at a much low cost to the consumer and to the environment.

Cost To The Environment

Ink cartridges are made mainly from plastic, which, as mentioned previously, takes hundreds of years to decompose in landfills. According to the environmental think tank, Energy Collective Group, a single printer cartridge emits 4.8kg of carbon emissions (or greenhouse gases) during production. By buying remanufactured ink cartridges you are extending the life of the original cartridge and helping to reduce carbon output.

In addition, producing a new inkjet cartridge uses around 3.5oz of oil and the other raw materials that go into the production of a cartridge total around 3lbs, so every time a cartridge is recycled, it saves this amount of raw material.

Saving The Community Money

We often think of landfill as just a rubbish dump – it doesn’t cost anything to maintain – things just go there to be forgotten. This is not the case. Landfill sites have to be maintained to protect the community and people who live and work near them.  Anything you can do to reduce the amount of material ending up there helps to reduce local tax bills.

Recycled Cartridges Are Manufactured To Match The Same Standards As New Ones

Planet Green remanufactures all its ink cartridges using used original manufacturer’s cartridge. Each cartridge is cleaned, rebuilt, filled and tested in the USA to match the manufacturer’s color and performance.