Pitney Bowes SL-870-1

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  • Sale -38% DoorStepInk Remanufactured in the USA Ink Cartridges for Pitney Bowes SL-870-1 Fluorescent Red

    DoorStepInk Brand For Pitney Bowes SL-870-1 Fluorescent Red Remanufactured in the USA

    DoorStepInk remanufactured Pitney Bowes SL-870-1 fluorescent red ink cartridges are the highest quality replacement cartridges on the market. Using only original Pitney Bowes SL-870-1 fluorescent red cartridges, we remanufacture each cartridge to the highest quality standards to match OEM ink level, color, and performance guaranteed! USPS approved. Our remanufactured postal meter red ink cartridges all exceed USPS® requirements for fluorescence. For over 20 years Planet Green Recycle been remanufacturing cartridges in the U.S at our State-of-the-art-facility located in Chatsworth, California. Using the latest technology, and customized equipment, each cartridge is cleaned, filled, and tested for quality assurance.By only remanufacturing genuine OEM cores, we can extend the lifecycle of an empty cartridge and deter less waste from entering our landfills. All our cartridges are high-quality, eco-friendly products that meet OEM standard and performance at a substantial savings. We are so confident in our products that we back each one of our cartridges with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.Planet Green Recycle is a award-winning recycler of inkjet and toner cartridges!



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