5 Tips for Making Your Planet Green Recycle Fundraiser a Success

grow your fundraiser

Whether you've already signed up, or you're considering going with Planet Green for your fundraiser, here are tips to help you learn how it works best.

Make collecting simple and convenient

Most people are inclined to recycle when presented with the opportunity. All of us are short on time, so making this work for you and your friends depends on your program being quick, easy, and top of mind.

• Let people know how easy this is, and how beneficial.
• Make sure it’s clear that participating is easy.
• Communicate that any box is fine, labels are free and prepaid.
• Make it easy and simple by sending them the link to get their shipping labels consistently.
• Remind your collectors to send in their ink weekly.

Tell your friends and members

Motivation is created by common goals, so make sure to broadcast yours. Stress the importance of the cause and empower your team to make a difference.

• Contact friends, members, businesses, and organizations in your community.
• Keep in touch regularly through social media, email, and phone reminders.
• Make your organization’s goal clear, and tie it in with the mission to reduce, reuse & recycle.
• Teach your audience about how about how they can help your organization help the planet.
• The more people that you mobilize with your goals, the more funds you generate.

Be consistent

This is your mission, keep your goals clear with Planet Green’s standard messaging. Familiarity reduces confusion, so getting your audience used to your communications is key.

• Purposefully coordinate your friends and associates to make your goal a success.
• All forms of communication should have your Program ID number to ensure that you get credit.
• Consistent messaging on social media is key. Our Social Media Packet will help you get started.
• Schedule follow-ups via email, phone call weekly. Be sure to include your ID# and get labels link.

Keep in touch. Often.

• Keep in touch with news of your goals and how it’s going. Broadcast your goal, successes, and even where you’d like to improve. People that feel included in a goal will tend to be more active in achieving it with you.
• Convey how the program works often and build by broadcasting your successes.
• Contact is key, as you want to make your friends be an active part of your goals.
• Know and distribute your ID number.
• Make goals for yourself and your team and celebrate them. Funds collected, trash saved, precious resources saved are good updates along with your fundraising goals.

We're here to help. Ask us!

Need guidance or help with getting your program off the ground? Have more questions? We’re here to help. We’ve got resources for you and staff that will help to guide you in your success.

Visit our Resources Page to download this article as a brochure, get tools that you can use, and learn more about how to make this program work for you.

Go to our resources page at planetgreenrecycle.com, call us at (800) 377-1093. Follow us on social media for updates, tips for fundraising and more.

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