Create A Facebook Event Page For Your Fundraiser

Creating an event page for your fundraiser is a great way to lay out all of the details your participants need to know. You can include a detailed description, photos or graphics they can share and you can put links that they can click to go directly to to print their free shipping label. Always remember to include your Program ID. They’ll need to use that to get you credit for their empties.

Facebook Event Page

Facebook shares these instructions:

1. From your feed, click PAGES in the left menu.
2. Go to your page.
3. Click Events or Create New Event
4. Click Online of In Person
5. Add the details of your event

If your fundraising goals are set to meet a specific date, having an event page helps share the sense of urgency. You want them to take action right away, or as soon as possible. Edit items including: An event name, date and time and the details of how they can participate by sending in their empties.

You can share this page with your entire network, or send links to the page through emails you distribute. Most everyone has a Facebook page, they can simply click and read it, they can even share the event page with their network of friends. Ask them to do that if possible.

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