Empowering Tomorrow's Workforce: Miller Career and Transition Center's Educational Visits Planet Green Recycle

Empowering Tomorrow's Workforce: Miller Career and Transition Center's Educational Visits Planet Green Recycle

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Planet Green Recycle, a leader in ink cartridge recycling and remanufacturing, offers tours of their Chatsworth facility to schools and student groups interested in learning about the process and benefits of ink cartridge recycling. Where schools around the country take part in Planet Green Recycle’s fundraising campaign to benefit their programs, some take a firsthand view of how ink cartridges get remanufactured. At the facility, visitors get a deeper insight into the need for recycling and how Planet Green Recycle is keeping plastic out of landfills every day.

As part of their custodial services program, the Miller Career and Transition Center visits Planet Green Recycle annually to see first-hand how plastics, like empty ink cartridges, get properly recycled and remanufactured for reuse. They see how the process of ink cartridge remanufacturing contributes to a circular economy and protects the environment from harm. Students get an understanding of a sustainability through the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

During their recent visit, Miller Career and Transition Center brought their 2023 custodial interns  to take a close look at the operations within the Planet Green Recycle facility. They were given a comprehensive walkthrough, gaining insights into the recycling process of ink cartridges. This hands-on experience allowed them to see firsthand how recycling and reuse play a pivotal role in diverting plastic waste away from landfills and shared an understanding of how plastics in general can be recycled to reduce plastic waste.

One of the key takeaways from the tour was understanding the importance of proper cleaning and remanufacturing processes once ink cartridges are received at the facility. The students learned how meticulous attention to detail delivers the best results in any work situation, and ensuring at Planet Green Recycle that recycled ink cartridges meet high-quality standards. This not only benefits the environment but also supports sustainable practices in the custodial field, where attention to detail is paramount.

Attendees also learned how remanufactured cartridges reach consumers nationwide. They saw how items are efficiently delivered directly to consumers' homes when purchased through Planet Green Recycle. This part of the process showcases the interconnectedness of teamwork, like that in the custodial field, with broader logistics and delivery systems and the completion of a full work cycle. From receiving waste to delivering a consumer usable product that mitigates that waste from entering the environment, a solid work effort produces positive results.

Following the tour, the Miller interns had the opportunity to sit down with Planet Green Recycle employees for refreshments and a question-and-answer session. This informal setting allowed the students to discuss their aspirations and career goals, bridging the gap between education and the working world while interacting with representatives who work daily in the remanufacturing facility. It offered an opportunity for interns to get answers to thoughts and ideas they have about future work potentials, and to learn if this particular field would be the right fit for their interests.

The Miller Career and Transition Center's Mission:

Miller Career and Transition Center's mission is clear: to empower its interns and help them become self-sufficient, independent contributors to their communities. Through an array of community-based work experiences and vocational programs, the school is nurturing talents and skills that extend beyond academic achievement. By partnering with organizations like Planet Green Recycle, Miller delivers a well-rounded education that prepares their classrooms for real-world challenges.

Education goes beyond textbooks and classrooms; it's about preparing students for life beyond school walls. Miller Career and Transition Center is setting an exemplary standard in this regard by providing its class with practical, hands-on experiences like their partnership with Planet Green Recycle. These initiatives are equipping young individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to become self-advocates and independent, work-ready members of their communities. Miller is shaping the future of the tomorrows workforce in a multitude of applicable environments.

Where outside funding is of benefit to Miller Career and Transition Center’s operations, you can learn more about their work and consider donating to their facility for the future of their training programs. Visit: www.millerctc.net.

Miller Career and Transition Center
8218 Vanalden Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 91335

Phone: (818) 885-1646

Learn about bringing your school for a tour through Planet Green Recycle and to see how ink cartridge recycling benefits both a circular economy and fundraising that works for your school by contacting Planet Green Recycle directly. (Contact Page)


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