Fundraising For Schools

Recycling empty ink cartridges with Planet Green Recycle is a free and easy way to raise funds for your school programs. No door to door chocolate sales, no collections in house. Just reach out to your network through email and ask them to send their empty ink cartridges in FREE on your behalf. Let’s take a look at how this works.

At Planet Green Recycle, we address a common need that affects everyone, everywhere. Empty ink cartridges cannot be thrown into the trash, they must be recycled. Unfortunately, people don’t have the time to drive to drop-off locations, or they simply get busy and their empties end up being tucked into a desk drawer until a later date. All of those empties are guaranteed funds for your school programs through Planet Green Recycle.

First, sign up your school at by filling out a quick and easy form that tells us your target goal and whom your checks will be made out to. After doing this, you’ll be assigned a Unique Program ID Number. This ID Number is how cartridges sent in on your behalf assure that your school is paid for their submissions.

Then, gather the email contacts of those who you will reach out to. This can include office staff, teachers and of course, the parents of your student body. All of these people use printers in their homes and offices and all of those printers produce empty ink cartridges.

Use the email text that we give you after you sign up and send it to all of your contacts. It will include your Program ID Number and the easy instructions of how they can send in empties at absolutely no expense to themselves.

1. They gather 4 or more empty ink cartridges into any box they have.
2. They print a FREE shipping label at Planet Green Recycle using your Program ID #.
3. They send them in to Planet Green Recycle from their home or office.

It can’t be any easier than that. You don’t have to collect the empties, just share your Program ID Number and get credited for the cartridges they send in.

Take into account the amount of money you want to raise. At an average of $1 for a recyclable OEM cartridge, most people send in 8 cartridges at a time. While an office staff might gather 20 from their office printers, and a parent might gather a couple dozen from work associates, that average outreach brings 8 per person who response. Divide your target fundraising goal by 8 and you’ll get an idea of how many people you will want to reach out to.

Here are things to consider that will help you increase your fundraising. Don’t just ask a parent to send the empties they have at home. Ask them to share the email with your Program ID# to the people in their network. Ask them to post the information about your fundraiser on their social media pages; Facebook and Instagram. Share that Program ID and the easy instructions on how to print a FREE shipping label and watch your fundraiser grow.

What’s more, if your fundraiser is ongoing, as school is also ongoing, you can share and re-share this information throughout the year. People have new empties month after month. Remind them to stay in the practice of sending them in on your behalf every time they change out inks and you’ll create an ongoing fund for your school activities. When they print a label to send in their ink cartridges, they will also receive a discount code for purchasing newly remanufactured ink cartridges, saving them upwards of 50% and more on the cost to print in their home or office. This loop will continue to properly recycle ink cartridges, will support U.S. Remanufacturing jobs and will help to protect the planet from ink cartridge waste.

Sign up and start your school fundraiser today at