Planet Green Files $500 Million Lawsuit Against Amazon Over Falsely Advertised "Recycled" Printer Cartridges

Planet Green Files $500 Million Lawsuit Against Amazon Over Falsely Advertised "Recycled" Printer Cartridges

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Planet Green Files $500 Million Lawsuit Against Amazon Over Falsely Advertised "Recycled" Printer Cartridges

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Chatsworth, CA - August 16, 2023: Planet Green Cartridges, Inc., a U.S. printer cartridge recycler, and remanufacture, has filed a $500 million lawsuit against tech giant Amazon. The lawsuit alleges that Amazon has engaged in false advertising and unfair competition by participating in the sale of newly manufactured, clone printer ink cartridges that are deceptively marketed as "remanufactured" and misrepresented as eco-friendly recycled products.

Planet Green has extensively documented instances of clone printer cartridges that are falsely advertised as remanufactured flooding the market through Amazon's platforms, including both and Amazon Warehouse. These cartridges, which are usually newly-manufactured in China, bear misleading labels and recycling symbols, and make false environmental claims that directly violate Amazon's policies and highly publicized environmental mission, as well as federal and state law.

Despite several appeals from Planet Green to address the issue, Amazon continues to sell, distribute, and support the sale of these illicit cartridges, which target and deceive millions of Amazon customers through misleading advertising practices.

In response to Planet Green's allegations of deceptive listings and false labeling, Amazon has claimed protection under the Communications Decency Act, specifically invoking 47 U.S.C. section 230 to assert immunity from liability for third-party content published on its platform.

"This lawsuit will challenge Amazon's interpretation of Section 230 as the company actively participates in the promotion, distribution and sale of illicit cartridges. The evidence presented by my client underscores Amazon's pivotal role in the distribution and sale of counterfeit recycled products, rendering the e-commerce giant accountable for these illicit items," asserts Attorney John Ulin, representing Planet Green.

CEO Sean Levi of Planet Green, underscores the importance of fair competition in the marketplace, stating, "We have the right to compete within a framework of fairness. Companies must adhere to the law and substantiate their claims; if not, we are prepared to take all necessary measures to safeguard our business interests."

The U.S. printer cartridge remanufacturing industry emerged in the 1980's as an innovative solution to address printer cartridge waste. In its prime, this sector contributed significantly to the U.S. economy, supporting numerous businesses and jobs within a circular economy valued in the billions. However, the industry now faces a dire threat of extinction, primarily attributed to the influx of imported single-use clone printer cartridges that are widely available on Amazon's platforms.

The notion that overseas-imported products are invariably cheaper is a misconception. The surge in clone printer cartridges from international sources has prompted leading printer manufacturers to introduce firmware restrictions on aftermarket clone cartridges, coupled with substantial price hikes over the years to offset revenue losses, adversely affecting consumers. The exorbitant cost of printer cartridges exemplifies the necessity of protecting U.S. remanufactures, who play a pivotal role in cost-saving printing by repurposing used name-brand cartridges.

A significant concern lies in the absence of return recycling programs for imported clone printer cartridges, leaving consumers with limited choices for managing plastic waste. Energy Central reports a staggering annual disposal of over 375 million printer cartridges in U.S. landfills. Moreover, the production of new clone cartridges depletes natural resources and escalates greenhouse gas emissions, further deteriorating the environment.

Mr. Levi observes, "Given Amazon's professed sustainability mission and Jeff Bezos' Earth Fund, one would expect Amazon to actively contribute to the solution, rather than perpetuate a substantial environmental challenge. I call on Jeff Bezos to lead the way and help bring back the printer cartridge remanufacturing industry which is the only solution for reducing printer cartridge plastic waste that is causing a detrimental effect on the environment."

The lawsuit has been formally filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California case number: 2:23-cv-06647 represents a critical facet of Planet Green's broader initiatives to help reducing plastic waste, protect the environment and revive a circular economy.

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