Planet Green Recycle - Fundraising With Empty Ink Cartridges

Chatsworth, CA based Planet Green Recycle offers fundraising for schools, organizations and charity efforts with a free exchange of ink cartridge trash for cash. By recycling empty ink cartridges with Planet Green Recycle, organizations receive a check for their fundraising by simply sending in empty ink cartridges using a free shipping label available through the Planet Green Recycle website.

Around the world, as many as a million ink cartridges are improperly disposed, ending up in landfills and polluting the earth. The inks and toners left inside the cartridges seeps into groundwater and spreads toxins into the earth, groundwater and oceans. It takes thousands of years for plastics to disintegrate; plastics that could otherwise be recycled into remanufactured and ready to use ink cartridges.

Planet Green Recycle has been the industry leader in remanufacturing of ink cartridges since 1999. Their fundraising platform has allowed thousands of organizations to raise money they need when the people in their network send in empty ink cartridges. The program is available at no cost to the end user and it spares the waste of hundreds of thousands of ink cartridges each year.

By signing up on the Planet Green Recycle website, organizations receive a Unique ID Code that guarantees they will receive fundraising cash in exchange for their empty ink cartridge submissions. No need to collect them individually, anyone in their network can print a free shipping label at their home or office and send them in under that Program ID and credit for the cartridges will be assigned to the organizations account.

Planet Green Recycle is the industries leader in U.S. Remanufacturing of ink cartridges and through remanufacturing, produces ready to use ink cartridges with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Recycling and buying U.S. Recycled products supports jobs in the U.S. and boosts the economy while helping protect the environment.

Learn more today at and start an ink cartridge recycling campaign to raise funds for your organization. U.S. Remanufactured ink cartridges are available for purchase through the Planet Green Recycle website.

About Planet Green

Established in 1999, Planet Green Recycle, located in Chatsworth California, is one of the last remaining printer cartridge re-manufacturers in the U.S. The business is based on diverting used printer cartridges from landfills and remanufacturing them for resale as an environmentally friendly and economical alternative. The company receives millions of used printer cartridges through its free mail-in recycling services. Consumers can mail their used ink cartridges at, or schools and nonprofit organizations can raise funds by recycling at