Post Flyers In High Foot-Traffic Areas

Did you know that while high traffic areas, like the foyer at your local Grocery Store, are great places to get eyes on your fundraising efforts? The cork board at the grocery store, your local library, the local coffee and donut shop and even in the local area schools where parents are daily. All the people in these places regularly use printers and have ink cartridges they can share. They are also local to you, so they most likely have a familiarity with your organization. They are more likely to read, even if it is just to be in the know.

window flyer

Make a flyer and see if you can post it in your local coffee shop window. Any visibility to your fundraiser helps. Pin it to the cork boards at the grocery, share it with your friends who have a cafeteria in their workplace. Think of all the places where a higher rate of people pass through daily. The bank or the local ATM vestibule, your regular gas station even City Hall! You are local and so are they, take advantage of the potential to communicate through a good flyer.

You can even use a QR code maker online and include a QR code printer on the flyer. When people click that code, it takes their phone’s browser right to your fundraiser, or wherever you assign them to go.

Make a flyer in Photoshop, MS Paint or even in a Word Document to get eyes on your fundraiser. Keep flyers in your car to hand to friends and associates you talk to on a regular basis and always ask them to share the information, including your Program ID, to help bring in more empty cartridges to support your efforts.

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