Raise Funds and Support the Environment with Planet Green Recycle

Raise Funds and Support the Environment with Planet Green Recycle

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Supporting your favorite organization has never been easier or more impactful. Planet Green Recycle not only provides a straightforward way to recycle empty ink cartridges but also offers a unique opportunity to generate additional funds through the purchase of recycled, remanufactured, and overstocked OEM ink and toner cartridges all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. By using your organization’s Program ID at the time of purchase, 10 percent of the sale goes directly to your chosen cause.

How the Program Works

1. Recycling Ink Cartridges

The core of Planet Green Recycle’s initiative is the recycling of empty ink cartridges. Here’s how you can participate:

  • Gather Used Cartridges: Collect four or more used ink cartridges.
  • Request a Free Shipping Label: Visit the Planet Green Recycle website to request a free shipping label. Make sure to include your organization’s Program ID to ensure they receive credit.
  • Ship Your Cartridges: Pack the cartridges in any box, attach the shipping label, and drop them off at your nearest mailing location.
  • Earn Funds: Once the cartridges are processed, Planet Green Recycle sends a check to your organization based on the quantity and type of cartridges submitted.

2. Making Purchases to Support Your Cause

In addition to recycling, you can further support your organization by purchasing recycled, remanufactured, and overstocked OEM ink and toner cartridges through Planet Green Recycle.

Here’s how generating funds through purchases works:

  • Browse and Buy: Visit the Planet Green Recycle shop and choose from a wide range of high-quality, eco-friendly ink and toner cartridges.
  • Enter the Program ID: At checkout, enter your organization’s unique Program ID. This ensures that 10 percent of your purchase goes directly to the organization you support.
  • Double the Impact: Not only are you saving money and helping the environment by purchasing remanufactured cartridges, but you are also contributing to your organization’s fundraising efforts.

Benefits of the Program

1. Environmental Impact

Recycling ink cartridges reduces waste that ends up in US landfills and minimizes the use of new resources. Remanufactured cartridges from Planet Green Recycle use less energy and fewer materials compared to producing new ones, making a significant positive impact on the environment.

2. Cost Savings

Purchasing remanufactured or overstocked OEM cartridges from Planet green Recycle can save consumers up to 70% compared to buying new cartridges. These savings are passed on to you, making it a cost-effective solution for high-quality printing needs.

3. Fundraising for a Cause

Every cartridge recycled and every purchase made using a Program ID directly benefits the organization of your choice. This dual approach maximizes the financial support your organization receives, enabling them to further their mission and goals.

Creating Success Stories

Organizations across the country have successfully raised funds and supported environmental sustainability through Planet Green Recycle. This includes schools, charities and non-profits, municipalities, sports teams, religious organizations and more. If you aren’t purchasing or submitting empty ink cartridges for a particular organization, you can help create success stories by choosing an organization’s Program ID number from a list at Planet Green Recycle before making your purchase or recycling.

Get Started Today

Participating in Planet Green Recycle’s program is easy and rewarding. Whether you are recycling empty ink cartridges or purchasing remanufactured ones, your actions make a difference. Visit Planet Green Recycle today to start supporting your organization and the environment.

By spreading the word and encouraging others to participate, you can amplify your impact. Share this program with friends, family, and colleagues, and together, we can make a significant contribution to both fundraising efforts and environmental preservation.

Planet Green Recycle provides a comprehensive solution that benefits organizations, consumers, and the environment. By leveraging both recycling and purchasing initiatives, supporters can maximize their contributions and drive positive change. Join today and help your organization thrive while promoting sustainability.


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