Reach Out To Local News Outlets

Have you considered reaching out to local news media regarding your fundraiser? Local radio is actually required by the FCC to give airtime mentions to local news. Being an organization within your local community means you are the news!

Local News Outlets - Radio

We have a press release template you can use to share your fundraising efforts available at: Use it as a reference to share your fundraiser with the local newspaper editors, local radio both AM and FM and with any local magazines that focus on local events.

Because your fundraiser likely benefits your community or community members, you canals look into local area websites and calendars to include your information. This doesn’t mean buying advertising, it’s simply sharing your information in local interests. They need content to fill those sections, share your participation in Planet Green Recycle’s fundraising program with local radio and tv stations in the area.

Also seek out these groups on social media. There are plenty of pages on Facebook that have people talking about what affects them and their hometown news. Always include your Program ID and ask them to use it when they print their free shipping labels so those empties get credited to your fundraiser.

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