Reduce Printing Costs with U.S. Remanufactured Inks

Everyone knows the big cost in printing isn’t the cost of buying the printer, it’s buying the ink. O.E.M. cartridges cost a good chunk of change but they are the cartridges that are guaranteed to work in your printer. After all, the printer is designed to use the manufacturers original cartridge. Compatible cartridges made overseas are not guaranteed to work in your printer - don’t buy them. Buy U.S. Remanufactured Cartridges from Planet Green Recycle. They are O.E.M. Ink Cartridges.

There are a number of reasons why U.S. remanufactured ink cartridges are the solution for this problem, as well as a benefit to the earth, the economy and your bottom line. First, by taking a segment out of the waste caused by a million cartridges a day going into landfills, properly recycling cartridges reduces the damage done to the environment caused by the improper disposal of ink cartridges. They leak and distribute toxic chemicals over the thousand years they spend breaking down and cause irreversible harm to the planet.

Secondly, recycling is a part of the U.S. Economy. It provides billions of dollars in revenue and hundreds of thousands of jobs across the nation. It keeps America working and keeps U.S. Dollars in the U.S. Don’t just recycle, buy recycled! U.S. Remanufactured Cartridges benefit everyone.

Add that third party manufactured cartridges are typically made overseas in China and they sell them for low dollar prices on websites like Amazon and eBay. They package them with colorful imagery and words like “compatible” to bait consumers into a belief that this is an approved cartridge by the original printer manufacturer. It isn’t! These cartridges are made to mock the original patented design but they infringe on those patents, they don’t meet the standards the original manufacturer has designed them to, they often leak and there is no guarantee that your printer will even accept them. You might put them into your printer and get an on-screen message telling you that it simply will not work. It’s a common daily occurrence. What’s worse, these compatibles are a single use item. Because they aren’t properly manufactured, they aren’t recyclable for remanufacturing. They have one place to go after they are used - the trash. This doesn’t have to happen!

Planet Green Recycle U.S. Remanufactured ink cartridges are made using the original cartridge manufactured by the company who makes your printer. When people properly recycle these cartridges with Planet Green Recycle, they get cleaned, inspected and reassembled using the actual original and approved pieces the manufacturer designed. They are re-filled, rigorously tested and shipped to you ready for use with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is something that overseas manufactured “compatible” cartridges do not provide. This is what only Planet Green Recycle provides.

Planet Green Recycle is the leading industry remanufacturer of ink cartridges and annually, they spare the earth from millions of cartridges being improperly disposed. Planet Green Recycle pays users for their empty ink cartridges and provides those cartridges clean, figuratively new and guaranteed to work. They also provide them at up to 70% less than the cost of buying new, which helps reduce the strain on natural resources used to keep pumping out new cartridges. It’s a win, win, win all around.

As you get ready to replace your ink cartridges, visit and print a FREE shipping label to send them in. It costs you nothing to properly recycle. You can even start a fundraising campaign for your organization that gets paid for every cartridge you send in and for every cartridge sent in on your behalf. Everyone in your organization can print a free shipping label from their home or office and send in their empty ink cartridges to help you get paid. It’s easy, it helps protect the planet and it gets you paid. When you recycle, you’ll also get a 20% off coupon for your replacement cartridges through Planet Green Recycle. After all you’ve done to benefit the earth, you save again!

Visit to learn about fundraising with ink cartridges, buying U.S. Remanufactured O.E.M. Cartridges and how you can send in your empty cartridges free today.