Short Term vs. Long Term Fundraising Goals

Your fundraiser might be a one-time fundraiser for an upcoming event. The goal might be to raise money that will cover an upcoming events expenses or to help get a team from here to there for a specific date. Raising funds with ink cartridge recycling can help with that.

As you prepare to alert your network of associates to take action, the best approach is to have a game plan and take it step by step.

1. Know your target goal for what you hope to raise. This will help you to know how many people you’ll have to reach out too. On average, a person will send in 8 cartridges. Eight qualifying cartridges is equivalent to 8 dollars toward your fundraiser. If your target is $500, you’ll need on average to have 63 people send in empty cartridges. Not everyone has them on hand today, so reach out to numbers well above your target goal for the best response.

2. Know whom you’re reaching out too and have their contacts and emails prepared, maybe in a spreadsheet. Make sure you’ve got their best updated contact information so you can be sure you’ve asked them directly to take part.

3. Have your email prepared. Keep it short and direct; explain what it is that you’re asking them to participate in right up front. For example:

Hi Jim. We’re raising funds for our organization by asking friends to recycle their empty ink cartridges with Planet Green Recycle. It costs nothing, you simply print a free shipping label using our Program ID #: (#####) and drop them in the mail from the home or office and each cartridge converts to money for our fundraiser.

Let them know that if they haven’t got ink cartridges today, they can share this information with their network and ask others to participate. Always give clear instruction that when they go to to print their shipping label that they use Your Program ID Number to do it. This ensures you get credited for the cartridge submissions.

4. Know your end date for collecting. If it’s February now and your event is in June, let your associates know that time is of the essence and you’re looking to have as many cartridges sent in as you can by the month of May. Short term collecting goals mean immediate action.

5. Be prepared to share your time-critical information on your social network. Always keep it short and direct, and always include your Program ID Number for people to send in their empty ink cartridges on your behalf.

If your organization runs on charity donations or fundraising efforts throughout the year, ink cartridge recycling with Planet Green Recycle can provide ongoing fundraising opportunities.

You’ve started by getting your Program ID Number. This ensures that as you reach out to people and they send in empty ink cartridges, you’ll be credited for all cartridges they send in on your behalf.

Create a page on your website that explains the process and direct people to it. Explain how people collect their empty ink cartridges and print a free shipping label to send them in on your behalf. Explain it directly on the page with instructions on how they use your Program ID Number to send them in from the home or office at no expense.

Make regular email distribution and social media posts asking people to partner with you on this effort. You can use a variety of topics including the projects your organization is funding, the benefits of plastic and ink cartridge waste reduction and even show them how the ink cartridge fundraising is benefitting your organization. Showcase participants in social media posts and give thanks for their participation. All of these are methods that keep the topic circulating and helps you to get people involved and to keep them involved for the long term.

Create printed materials, such as flyers with a QR code that directs people to your fundraising page. Post those flyers regionally where the general public can see it and take part. Everyone has empty ink cartridges at some point, let them know that this is an ongoing fundraiser and that at any time it will benefit your organization to take part.

Seek out other groups with a large network and ask them to share the information with their associates. A local manufacturing company or business office might have resources to reach hundreds of people they communicate with on a daily basis. Coordinate with them to distribute information about your fundraising efforts and share that news with their resources. The more participants you have, the more funds you can raise.

As a short term fundraising effort, ink cartridge recycling with Planet Green Recycle can help give you a boost. As a long-term effort, you can bring in funds all year. If you haven’t signed-up today to get your Program ID Number, visit now and get started. You’ll find marketing resources you can use and blog posts with insights to help you reach your goals.