6 E-waste Fundraising Tips for a More Effective Campaign

6 E-waste Fundraising Tips for a More Effective Campaign

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Plan your next e-waste fundraiser more effectively with these helpful fundraising tips!


Fundraising can be hard. For many people, it is challenging to go door-to-door trying to sell an item for a cause or cold calling people asking for money. With E-waste it is a lot easier to reach out to people asking for their old electronics or empty ink cartridges.

Today we’re sharing some quick e-waste fundraiser tips that will help you plan the best e-waste fundraiser and get the most out of your efforts.

6 E-waste Fundraiser Planning Tips to Remember

How to Plan the Best E-waste Fundraiser 1

Make Your E-waste Fundraiser Relevant

relevant fundraising idea will raise awareness about your cause, and it will result in more donations. Present a problem or opportunity that your organization is facing to let people know how they can help you solve the problem.

Show a sense of urgency using emotion to help individuals understand how their donation of e-waste is doing more than just helping you reach your goals. Show them that they are also protecting the environment from toxic waste.

How to Plan the Best E-waste Fundraiser 2

Make Your E-waste Fundraiser Fun

There could be mini-goals or hilarious awards for the individuals that contribute the most to the campaign. Do drawings or fun contests for prizes to capture people’s contact info and email addresses.  This way, you can contact people later to see if they have small e-waste items, they would like to donate to you.

How to Plan the Best E-waste Fundraiser 3

Amplify Your Message with Social Media

Use social media to reach a much larger crowd, spreading awareness across the nation.

Build an online community using Facebook Groups and start an active discussion about your cause. The more you manage to get these people involved and engaged, the better the results.

Video is an engaging way to spread a meaningful message. Use Facebook Live or Instagram Stories to post video updates about your fundraiser. Enlist a brave volunteer who doesn’t mind being in front of the camera and who understands your cause. Or try it out yourself. You might find it’s much more fun than you think.

How to Plan the Best E-waste Fundraiser 4

Let Your Passion Shine Through

If you want people to feel excited about the cause you’re supporting, you have to be passionate about it. Remember: Your vibe attracts your tribe.

The people that you reach out to will sense your commitment and passion, whether you’re doing face-to-face presentations or you’re using the power of Facebook. How you create your marketing materials, the emails that you share and the events you organize will all be affected by your attitude and your emotional involvement. If you can’t commit 100 percent, people won’t feel inspired by your cause.

How to Plan the Best E-waste Fundraiser 5

Raise Awareness with In-Person Events

Apart from being active online and educating people about your cause, you should also think about organizing an in-person event. Social media is an incredible tool for connecting, but nothing beats an in-person conversation. Think of ways you can get people to gather for your cause.

Plan a kick-off event when you start collecting recycling items. Try hosting a BBQ or a game night. Set up a table or booth at a local street fair, carnival, or book fair event. Offer prizes to whoever brings the most empty cartridges, cell phones or iPods.  Use our #2 tip to capture peoples information to contact later.

How to Plan the Best E-waste Fundraiser 6

Follow Up with People Who don’t Respond Initially

Always send a thank you note when someone contributes to your cause.  Also, it is still good to keep your donors updated with a newsletter or email about your purpose and how their donation has helped.  Keeping your donors abreast of your efforts makes them feel vested in you and your cause.

In Conclusion

These are just some of the essential tips to remember while organizing your next fundraiser. Make it relevant, use social media and try to get your audience actively and emotionally involved. Make it fun. Strategize in advance and set achievable goals. Try all of these and you’re on your way to a successful e-waste fundraiser.

Start Your Own Recycling E-waste Fundraiser

Did you know that you can recycle inkjet cartridges and small electronics and earn funds for your school, sports team, non-profit, or community organization? Learn more about our free recycling fundraiser program and start earning today!


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