Try Using Hashtags In Your Social Media Posts

As you build awareness of your fundraising campaign on social media, you can create a shareable hashtag for use across all of your posts.

Add a # to the beginning of an unbroken word or phrase. Example: #WallafordFundraiser. What this does for your Posts and Tweets is that they become linked on that network to all the other posts that contain that hashtag. Use your unique hashtag in all your posts and they become grouped for anyone who clicks on or searches with that hashtag.

Using Hashtags In Your Social Media Posts

Here are a few considerations when creating your hashtag.

- Make your hashtags relevant. Irrelevant hashtags might bring more people, but they won’t stick around if you use them just for clicks. The goal is to attract people who share your interests. Use hashtags that relate directly to what your post is about.

- Don’t put spaces, the term must be unbroken. However, don’t string too many words together in one hashtag. Try to limit your hashtag to 3 words, this helps keep it easy to read and understand.

- Hashtags are not case sensitive, but capital letters make them easier to view.

Example: #nationaldogday and #NationalDogDay are the same. One is just easier to read.

- The hashtag is just a starting point. Make sure you’ve got your message clear in your post, skip a space or two after your post and add your hashtags at the end.

Hashtags help you become part of the conversation and they help you get discovered. Along with your hashtag, you can include include common interest hashtags on your post.


Extremely popular now on social media sites like TikTok, use #fyp. This means “For Your Page” and it is rumored that using this hashtag helps you surface on results first. It can’t hurt to try it.

Using other relevant tags will include you in other relevant searches people make on social media. If someone clicks on #gogreen as a tag, they might learn that not only are you fundraising, but it includes an ecological purpose. They read and maybe they take part. Just make sure that you’re using words that attract the audience you want to interact with.

Always share your Program ID code and a link to print a free shipping label at in your post.

One thing to keep in mind too, don’t over-tag your posts. You might see other people using tag-clouds, what looks like a paragraph of hashtags. Try to keep your tag count at 3-5 hashtags. Over-tagging has proven to lead to drop-offs in your interaction. An abundance of hashtags is often a red flag to readers. Stay relevant, minimize the amount of text the see and focus on what’s important to your cause.

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